Monday, July 11, 2011

Leap Of Faith

Leap of Faith

They say everybody is cut out to do a thing in his/her life. The purpose of life is to find out what you really love, jump into it and then give it everything you got. Easier said than done.. I have been contemplating this since quite some time and has been paralyzing by analyzing.

After a lot of contemplation, I have found my real calling. However the second stage seems to be the toughest. Jumping into the unknown, leaving the comfort of a regular income (not that cushy these days), and taking a big leap of faith visualizing that everything will fall in place.

Last year's recession and unreasonable target increase gave me a lot of clarity (and in overall scheme of things I thank cosmos for these circumstances) made me think that end of the day I am just another brick in the wall. Disputes department of American Express is a Sweat Shop and mecca of nihilarians.

A laborer in a mass production factory churning cases answerable for number of units/day

having a 5 digit number as my identity.

Jam packed vehicle that dumps me every morning like a cattle.

An access card round my neck to number the cows and control my entry and exit.

Slots for breaks in accordance with my 'business requirements',

A log-in and a log out time.

Begging for my own leaves and getting them on ration.

Switching off my mobile, cutting off from the outside world. Colleagues who at best can be termed as constables with questionable work-life balance calling themselves commandos.

I know a human mind is capable of taking a lot of shit, but common you have to draw a line somewhere.

As they say in the Tata Safari Ad, Slavery has not been abolished, just the name has changed.

While everybody is entitled to their opinion, I feel if anybody thinks that this is what they are cut out to do in their lives, I am afraid they valued theirs real cheap.

Majority of us got into this thinking it as a phase before they leap for their dreams. But before you know, mind stagnates itself to a new comfort zone and days become months become years.

Life is too short to waste on a copy-paste charade we call a job.

I did write a few blogs few months back about the strange ways of the management, and I received an overwhelming response on my email, sms, IMs and even a greeting card telling me what a wonderful thing I have done and how gutsy I am. This does tell a lot about the state of affairs. If calling spade a spade is gutsy, I m afraid we live in a pretty gutless world surrounded by spineless souls.

After getting a G2L3 last year, my salary was raised a whopping 3.8% against the backdrop of double digit inflation that year.

This year with company earning over a billion in quarterly revenues, my raise has been unprecedented 7.02% (G2 L2) again against the backdrop of huge inflation.

So practically my salary was reduced by 9-10% YOY for meeting and in fact exceeding the stiff targets set by the company. And just to rub salt to the wound, the buggers had the audacity to ask for mandatory commandos with a disclaimer that non abiders will be closely watched personally by a fat watchman.

Not surprisingly it worked; slaves thronged the place on weekends. After all, who wants to comprehend scolding in a fake accent?

This was the last nail in the coffin for me, I hope u find yours soon before it is too late.

I know my leaving the company will not have more than a small ripple in an otherwise silent, almost dead, spineless existence where you keep getting exploited and set a new benchmark for the exploiter.

But you cannot blame me for trying all I want to say is, Life is calling… where r U.

For me there are only 02 kind of people in this world. One who dwell deep and find their real reason of existence and do what they are cut out do in their respective lives and the rest are the vast majority who do what they are asked to do, no questions asked.

Today I decide to reclaim my life; I refuse to be pushed around like a herd of sheep.

From Today on, I am free and I will make my own destiny.

As Jesse Livermore once said,

"There are certain chances that the most prudent man is justified in taking, chances that he must take if he wishes to be more than a mercantile mollusk".

You all will be glad to know that I have decided to take that leap and have opened my company, 'Mystic Funds'. A 3 million Seed funding company promoting entrepreneurship and managing derivatives.

World is a small place and incidentally also round…. so Till we meet again. It's a good bye. Take care then Bye- bye now.


Rajiv Dhawan said...

A) Great Job
B) I don't know why, however your post felt more pessimist - Although it was a Positive leap ;)
C) Most of the people stuck in the vicious circle (note :- i say most ;))are due to lack of options than guts - they have sustainability concerns and no back-up or plan B to take the "Leap of Faith"
D) We (read you) are blessed that you could take the leap and regardless what is the outcome - you have already won 1 battle - however 1 battle won is just the beginning of the War ;) --- Best of Luck for the same.
E) Life is what you think it is --- what you called as slavery could have been "THE LIFE" for a millions out there --- Fortunate that you found it meaningless --- HOWEVER --- Are you sure what you are doing now is Meaningful ??? --- The safest answer could be "Better than Before" ;)))

Best Of Luck Bro - Keep Blogging

dharam chand sethia said...

Just read your OLD post....There's one silly thing that i find common in this- The time you clicked the button publish post - I was getting married - "Leap of Faith"(you know).